Thursday, 7 February 2008

Anil Kumble with 600+ wickets and still counting

I watched an interview of Anil Kumble some time back where he said that he would like his son to be a batsman, instead of a bowler. Coming from someone who is the 3rd highest Test wicket taker in the World and India's best match winner, that is quite an indictment of the way cricket is run and followed in this country.
Going by the old rule of each wicket equalling 20 runs (in my humble opnion, a wicket is much more valuable. Simply because if we were to play using pen and paper, 20 runs per wicket equals 200 runs per innings, which we know is not enough to win a Test), 600 wickets equals 12000 Test runs. And just contrast the mass affection, hysteria, awards, endorsements, etc. that a batsman with 12000 Test runs in the same team gets. The BCCI needs to wake up and look into this malaise at the earliest. For if Anil Kumble doesn't want his son to be a bowler, then God help our future bowlers.