Wednesday, 29 July 2009

MP's have time to debate TV shows!

Today, we have a strange situation where some Members of Parliament, elected by some of us, are telling us what to watch and what not to.

These, by the way, belong to the same set of people many of whose colleagues are murderers, rapists, child-molesters and bribe-takers. These are the same people who belong to a club which, when it meets, engages in slanging and shouting. This doesn’t either help in nation-building or, for that matter, law-making.

Their ire is directed at a television reality show, Sach Ka Saamna on Star TV. The fact that in the Budget session, which should be discussing fiscal allocations and deficit management, MPs have both time and wisdom to rake this up as an issue, reflects how facetious politics has become. The fact that in today’s economic climate they are happier discussing late-night television shows than day-chilling facts about unemployment and hunger deaths is a proof of the seriousness with which they go about their business

I'm worried. They decide what shows should be beamed. They decide what sites stay on the Internet. They decide what dress we should wear. They decide what festivals we celebrate. Makes me wonder as yet another anniversary is approaching, 'Did my country really get independence that day in mid August, 62 years back?'.

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