Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Indian Cricket


This is my first blog and the first thing that comes to mind to write about is cricket. Indian cricket.

Over 4 days, India failed to force a win against Sussex. Wonder how they will fare against a full strength English Team. on the last day, they had 15 odd overs to get 3 wickets. And India had Sreesanth, R P Singh, Ranadeep Bose, Anil Kumble besides other part time bowlers. Couldn't prise out the 3 wickets. In fact Anil Kumble had 2 full overs at their no 11. No Luck.

I have a feeling we are going to be hugely disappointed by the end of this series. England are on a high after beating WI. Rahul has to bat as well as he batted the last time he was here. And others have to play as per their career averages. And that is going to be tough against the moving & seaming ball.

More on this later as the tour progresses.