Monday, 30 July 2007

Trent Bridge 2007 Eng V/s India Day 4 preview

The Indian batsmen grunted and puffed and huffed their way to a decent lead of 280+ runs. In the end, the two decisions against Ganguly and Sachin will be talked about for ages.

For a team loaded with aging batting superstars, they really did well to reach that score. Sure, luck also played a major part, but you needed luck to make the most of the circumstances yesterday. To the batsmen's credit, they hung in there even when the going was tough.

Got to feel for Sidebottom. He bowled exceedingly well without due reward. He did get Dhoni out later in the day, but it was too less and too late.

We need someone to bowl like Sidebottom today. Keep pegging away from one end. Anil Kumble has done this for so many years now and he will be expected to bowl long spells. There are 3 left arm fast bowlers in this match and Anil Kumble should choose the end from where he can use the footmarks to his advantage.

Kumble will have to do the bulk of the bowling today. And the rest will have to support him by not giving away easy runs. An intriguing match and hopefully the rain should stay away.