Friday, 27 July 2007

Tribute to Dr Kalam

This is from one of my dear friends and I reproduce his mail in full...

From: Asif Saifuddin Golwala


Mobile: +97150 4508731 (Dubai)

Tribute to Sir A.P.J. Kalam. President of India 2002-2007.

Sir, you have re-written the glory of being the president of the largest democracy in the world; you have restored its lost significance which was considered merely a 'ceremonial post' by lending it credence and meaning through your humble character. In spite of your monumental achievements in the science's you have retained the humility expected exclusively to be residing in a man of god. Never have the children of our country looked upon any member of Indian politic as they have upon your majesty. Though I ask forgiveness to mention the word politic in your benign repertoire. Your name shall never be inscribed in gold nor shall you be stunted in a wax museum; for such banalities were never part of your persona and than; gold could perish and wax shall melt; but your name nonetheless, shall be etched in the minds of every child you bestowed your eyes upon and in every heart you touched with your benevolent actions. It is a great honour bestowed upon the future citizens of this country by you for you have decided to impart your understanding and education in the great universities of this land by being a teacher to those starving for knowledge. The institutions where you will teach shall have to be rechristened as temples of knowledge where you shall be the high priest and where you shall be the messiah of every god who has sought every mortal to be what you are! Amen!

We thank you for dedicating precious years of your life being our president and we thank you for reminding us that humility can be exercised at every level of society and we thank you for reminding us how inconsequential is material wealth without the wealth of knowledge, love and humanity.