Tuesday, 7 April 2009

5 questions for Mr. Lal Krishna Advani

Mallika Sarabhai has five questions for L K Advani today as “he has been our (Gandhinagar) MP for the last 20 years"."My first question is how many and what kind of questions have you raised in the Lok Sabha about Gandhinagar in the last five years," Mallika asked Advani. She wanted to know what efforts were made by him towards opportunities for education and livelihood generation in the rural areas of Gandhinagar constituency. She asked why he had not spoken out against violence and atrocities against women in Gujarat and specifically in Gandhinagar. She demanded to know that despite being MP fo this constituency, why have Advani not shown any concern towards local issues of the constituency as well as the state. Raising question about MPLADs scheme she asked "have you used your funds under MPLADs scheme to benefit the deprived and underprivileged in your constituency?"

From : Mallika Sarabhai invites Advani for open debate

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