Thursday, 9 April 2009

Mallika Sarabhai has some questions

After visits in and around the Gandhinagar constituency, my list of "Why?" keeps increasing every day...
- Why is there no PHC in Jalund village?
- Why is there no ST service in Moti Adraj?
 - Why are there  no toilets in Borij?
 - Why has a tank in Ghatlodia - that is said to have cost Rs. 60 lakhs- never had a drop of water?
 - Why are there only 32 polling booths for 2 lakh people in Juhapura?
 - Why are there no gutters in Borisana?
 - Why is NREGA not applicable in Sonawada?
- Why do villagers in Gokulpura have to walk a 15 km circuitous route when a 3 km road could ease their transport problems?

It would be too simple to answer all these questions with "Its because the local authorities are inefficient". Of course, there is a certain level of inefficiency that is only too obvious to those who talk to villagers around Gandhi
nagar. But the answer to these questions goes beyond issues of the local authorites being inefficient, to asystem that is inherently flawed. A system that once aware of such inefficiency can choose not to address them!

Mallika Sarabhai, independent candidate from Gandhinagar, thinks its time for a new leadership that revels in taking new risks and making new mistakes. Her blog is here.


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